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Visavi Technology is growing and are looking for more people to join their dynamic team. Hytech Personnel is proud to assist in the process!

About Visavi

Visavi Technology is a B2B software and service company founded by experts on advanced visualization and collaboration design for complex organizations. Our culture is focused on simplifying processes and finding new ways to collaborate, capture and visualize data in the simplest, most logical way.

Our software Visavi LIVE provides real-time coordination and execution of all operational workflows within a production facility. Data is gathered and streamlined into one simple touch screen interface, and provides complete overview of all areas where safety-critical operations are performed. This makes plans and operations come to life; bridging system siloes, visualizing operational, weather and logistical challenges thereby increasing safety and operational efficiency.

The fundamental value of Visavi LIVE is the same for any industry; the possibility to view and interact with the entire operation on one surface across the larger geographical spread of many sites. This allows for shared situation awareness to help reduce HSE risk, shorter and less frequent meetings, better decision-making, and increased productivity. Visavi LIVE can be uniquely tailored for complex operations, in any industry.

Visavi is headquartered in Oslo, Norway. Today, Visavi Live is empowering companies around the world, including Aker BP, Neptune Energy, Borregaard, Repsol, OMV and Odfjell Drilling.


Østre Viken / Stavanger / Oslo

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Visavi is the all-in-one coordination and execution solution for complex operational workflows in any type of production facility.

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Cathrine Silgjerd Leiros

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